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Windows Log-Files

When using watchmaker on Windows servers, the primary log-files of interest are:

There can be other files in the c:\watchmaker\logs\ directory, but the ones present will depend on what enterprise-integration features have been selected for watchmaker to attempt to execute and whether those integrations are configured to log independently.

There may be further log-files of interest, depending on how much execution-progress watchmaker has made and how watchmaker has been invoked. These will typically vary by build environment (e.g., when used with a CSP like Azure or AWS, on a physical server or a VM) and what tooling was used to invoke watchmaker.

The additional log-files of interest are typically generated by whatever Windows-specific userData payload-handler is leveraged. The known additonal log-files of interest will be enumerated in further sub-sections. If you are using watchmaker via userData payload and the handler is not enumerated below, please contribute to this project’s documentation.


When official Windows instances – ones published through the Amazon/Microsoft partnership – are launched into AWS and execute watchmaker via a userData payload, either of the following log files will be created:

Which log file gets created will depend on the userData-handler used. Older versions of Windows Server (2012, 2016 and 2019) typically use the EC2 Launch handler. Newer versions of Windows Server (2022) use the EC2 v2 Launch-handler[1].