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CentOS Stream Discontinuation Notes

With the CentOS maintainers having discontinued CentOS Stream 8 at the end of May of 2024, access to security-update and feature content is no longer available within the repositories activated by default in templates and systems deployed prior to that date. As a result, hardening-operations that require the installation of either additional packages or updates to already-installed packages will fail. This may be worked around by deactivating the standard repositories and creating “vault” repositories from them. This may be done with a quick script like:

# (
  cd /etc/yum.repos.d &&
  for RepoFile in CentOS-Stream-{BaseOS,AppStream,Extras{,-common},HighAvailability,NFV,PowerTools,RealTime,ResilientStorage}.repo
    sed -e '/^mirrorlist/s/^/##/' \
        -e '/baseurl=/s/^#*//' \
        -e '/baseurl=/s/mirror\.centos\.org/vault.centos.org/' \
        -e '/\[/s/^\[/&vault-/' \
        -e '/^name/s/$/ (Vault)/' \
      "${RepoFile}" > "${RepoFile//.repo/-Vault.repo}"
# dnf config-manager --save --set-disabled appstream baseos extras
# dnf config-manager --save --set-enabled vault-{appstream,baseos,extras}