Source code for watchmaker.managers.worker_manager

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Watchmaker workers manager."""
from __future__ import (

import abc

from six import add_metaclass

from watchmaker.workers.salt import SaltLinux, SaltWindows
from watchmaker.workers.yum import Yum

[docs] @add_metaclass(abc.ABCMeta) class WorkersManagerBase(object): """ Base class for worker managers. Args: system_params: (:obj:`dict`) Attributes, mostly file-paths, specific to the system-type (Linux or Windows). workers: (:obj:`collections.OrderedDict`) Workers to run and associated configuration data. """ WORKERS = {} def __init__(self, system_params, workers, *args, **kwargs): self.system_params = system_params self.workers = workers WorkersManagerBase.args = args WorkersManagerBase.kwargs = kwargs @abc.abstractmethod def _worker_execution(self): pass @abc.abstractmethod def _worker_validation(self): pass
[docs] def worker_cadence(self): # noqa: D102 """Manage worker cadence.""" workers = [] for worker, items in self.workers.items(): configuration = items['config'] workers.append(self.WORKERS.get(worker)( system_params=self.system_params, **configuration)) for worker in workers: worker.before_install() for worker in workers: worker.install()
@abc.abstractmethod def cleanup(self): # noqa: D102 pass
[docs] class LinuxWorkersManager(WorkersManagerBase): """Manage the worker cadence for Linux systems.""" WORKERS = { 'yum': Yum, 'salt': SaltLinux } def _worker_execution(self): pass def _worker_validation(self): pass
[docs] def cleanup(self): """Execute cleanup function.""" pass
[docs] class WindowsWorkersManager(WorkersManagerBase): """Manage the worker cadence for Windows systems.""" WORKERS = { 'salt': SaltWindows } def _worker_execution(self): pass def _worker_validation(self): pass
[docs] def cleanup(self): """Execute cleanup function.""" pass